My BYOPC story

Back in January 2008, I finally had enough with using my work PC for my personal activities. However, using two PCs was out of the question as I traveled for work more than 40% of the time. So, I decided to try an experiment — go out and buy the machine of my choice (a 13 inch MacBook that was travel friendly) and use it for work. I met with my IT department to see if they would pilot a program for me to use my personal PC for work purposes. They agreed!

Using VMware Fusion and the P2V converter, I virtualized my current Dell and ported it over to my new Mac. Now, I have my Mac for all of my personal activities (music, documents, applications, photo, etc.) and can run VMware Fusion with my company image when working. It is the best of both worlds! I now use my Mac for everything — it is the machine I work on, edit pictures on, watch movies on, and more. I love having a single PC for my life.


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